God Gave Me You

This is it. I was really unsure of publishing this short little poetry/ devotional book. It’s not much, but I really like the purity of it. It feels like a breath of fresh air to me. I’m publishing it today, matter of fact. It’s called “God Gave Me You.” To me, this means something.

In the past two years I have learned a great deal of things. One of them being, I need the Lord, and I have to rely on him, instead of myself. This may seem contrary to what you have seem of my other books, but in reality it is not. In those books, I was a sinner, yet unsaved. I was selfish and loved that way. Now, I think I love in a less superficial and more pure manner. I love, because He first loved me.

I called my fiance my husband in this book. I did this, because I think of him as such. I do not intend to go anywhere. I am committed to this relationship, and even if I falter now, in the past, or in the future, this is where I am meant to be. This is where I’m best placed. Even when I see fault with him, the church I love is here, my church family is here, and the Lord is here. He would follow me anywhere, but I have no guarantee I can trust myself in the world on my own without these wonderful people. I refuse to be lured away by anything, even myself.

I love the Lord Jesus, he has done so much for me. Even when others have left me, he never will. I know that my fiance will never do so either, and this is faithful and love to me. This is stability. It is something I never had before my life was saved by the Lord. This is what this means to me.

The Lord gave me a boon. A blessing, and there is no way I could thank Him enough for all that he has done to me.

like we were wallflowers

It’s really crazy when I think how far I’ve come. It may not seem like much to be on Amazon Kindle to most people, because I don’t have to pay for my submissions, and I don’t have to have someone edit them. However, I do pay royalties for each book sold, and I DO spent agonizing hours trying to see how many errors I may have made, or rewriting. Most of my books and poetry, etc., have sat on the back burner for a long time before they were ever thought to be published officially. I spent a long time trying to ask myself if publishing the story was what I really really wanted.


But now the time has come and gone that I’ve published my second Poetry novel. October of 2012. So far, I’ve sold one! In all for all three of my books/stories/ etc, I’ve earned $4.22. To me, this is accomplishment.


I am proud of myself.


I want to share my thoughts with others. I want to give them the ability to see the beautiful things that I see in my imagination. I want to show them, I am like you. You are like me. We can relate to each other somehow. I think when someone finds your words beautiful or powerful, it is amazing.

To Cover the Midnight Hour

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I created the covers for “Desmonde and Delilah” and “paper hearts and cigarette mistakes.” I’m really proud of them. Sorry. I have to brag a bit. It’s really good for my photography.



Poems and Spilled Ink on Pages of White

Well, today I’m publishing my first poetry novel on Kindle Direct Publishing. It will be available soon for purchase, which I am peachy keen with. I hope it sells well, but of course, we all wish for these things upon our own novels. This poetry means a great deal to me, as it is directly from the heart. I even have a few of them in spoken video readings on youtube.

I hope it reaches hearts as like-minded in soul.